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Our Clients typically approach Okeanos to help identifying and mitigating the key risks that are involved with sophisticated offshore vessels, particularly if such high CapEx vessels are contracted on lease/operate type arrangements, with ever more complex third-party financing required. 


Okeanos’ team members have hands-on experience with the negotiation, contracting, financing, execution and operation of many specialised offshore vessels. Okeanos has first-hand experience as to how risks can propagate through the various contracts and what effective remedies or mitigations can be developed to prevent or contain risks that can jeopardise the financial stability and success of projects. 


The actual scope of work for Okeanos is project specific and can range from high level feasibility review to an extensive in-depth review and even actual step-in/take-over of operational management. Okeanos always executes its assignments with a team of experienced specialists (team size depends on scope).

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